Timber framed construction


It is estimated that across all the developed countries, timber frame accounts for around 70% of all housing stock, representing some 150 million homes. 

​​​​​Statistics are from Timber Research And Development Association (TRADA). 2000

TKS has over 40 years of experience in timber frame construction and engineering, having built many houses in australia and in Cyprus. Since TKS introduced timber frame homes to Cyprus in 1993, timber framed homes have become more and more popular over the years. Because of its unique advantages, its popularity in Cyprus has grown significantly as it addresses many of today’s environmental concerns.
The main advantages of timber frame include:

•More energy efficient building
•Cold-bridging can easyly be avoided when compared to concrete frame and steel frame.
•Due to the low thermal conductivity of timber the structure avoids the issues that can result from expansion and contraction of a buildings structural frame.
•Sustainable building method with less embodied energy
•More comfort for inhabitants
•Reduced build time
•Factory controlled building method leading to more on site quality
•Economic method of construction
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timber frame
typical brick veneer house external wall

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