Steel framed construction

Light steel frame construction and the principles of steel frame construction are very similar, in many regards, to the principles of timber frame construction. 
Like with timber framed construction, electrical and plumbing considerations are essentially encompassed within the framework of the cladding. The exterior of the building can be clad with the same materials that are used in timber frame construction. 
The main issue with steel frame construction is how the thermal conductivity of steel affects energy use in homes. If the building is not correctly insulated the building will have issues of expansion and contracion. In order to avoid these issues we clad our building with an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS).
 Because EIFS insulates the very outer layer of the building, cold bridging through the buildings envelope around window and door openings and at the junction of walls with floors and roofs is avoided.
steel frame
expanded polystyrene insulation
render system
exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS)
The main advantages of steel frame include:

•The steel used is a recycable material
•Reduced build time
•Factory controlled building method leading to more on site quality
•Economic method of construction

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